About Us

About Us

“It starts the moment our clients come to us”

At Anaiah Grace we believe every event presents a unique storytelling opportunity and we enjoy weaving personal styles and preferences into all events we create.

Launched formally in 2014, we have become recognised for creating fabulously styled weddings and events and we pride ourselves in being able to meet and exceed client expectations, through passion and commitment.

Our full service offering ranges from exquisite centrepiece displays to statement backdrops, venue draping, lighting design, dancefloors, event props, furniture and bespoke linens.

Based in London, we have an incredible team of passionate floral and event designers working within the Anaiah Grace team and we work diligently to encourage creative diversity in all events we produce.

Whether you are visiting our site for the first time with your own celebration in mind, or just taking a look around, we hope what you find will prove informative and inspiring. And if you feel we would be the company to bring your ideas to life, we would love to hear from you

About Me

Founder, Creative Director

Tonbra is the Founder, Creative Director at Anaiah Grace. Her segue into the event design industry was a natural extension of her love for designing beautiful spaces.

Keen to evolve as a designer, Tonbra continues to explore opportunities to develop her creative talent. Most recently, she completed a floristry training with world renowned celebrity florist ‘Karen Tran’.

Anaiah Grace is named after Tonbra’s two beautiful daughters Anaiah and Lily-Grace both whom she shares the pleasure of raising with her husband.

“My love for designing started at a very young age. One of my earliest memories is being told by my dad that I could convert an old disused space in our house into a new kids play area. I remember feeling very excited and staying up all night, thinking about various concepts for my first ‘project’. It didn’t matter that it only involved moving a few bits of furniture around, to me it was an opportunity to create something new and exciting and it meant the world. I’ve loved transforming spaces ever since, and the feeling I get from seeing a design come to life is the driving force behind the Anaiah Grace Brand”.